Healthy & Delicious MealsMade with Love

Kenny’s Meals was started in 2018 with the purpose to share great & healthy meals with people looking to live a better lifestyle & promote good health.

As a culinary major Kenny wanted to find a way to help people around him that wanted to live a better lifestyle and stay healthy.After staring dialysis due to kidney failure in 2015, Kenny always made his own meals to make sure he stayed compliant with his dietary restrictions.

This gave Kenny the idea to start making meals for other people that wanted to stay healthy & help them stay away from any bad health.After making meals for his friends & other people interested in the meals, the project started growing & evolving.

After a few months the business started taking off and Kenny decided to dedicate all his time to Kenny’s Meals.
They now offers 10 items every week, lunch and dinner which are cooked and delivered twice a week to ensure freshness and quality.

We focused on being involved with our community and always being available for any activity to help promote good health and help educate people on the importance of good nutrition.

On February 4th, 2021, Doris Fernandez, Kenny’s cousin donated a kidney to him, which gave him a new opportunity at life.Kenny’s goal is to make an impact in peoples life by helping them understand the benefits of good eating and bring them fresh, delicious and affordable meals made locally and with love.