Healthy Meals with a Purpose

Everything happens for a reason. Food has always been my passion, learned from my mom and at a young age even cooked for my little sister. There is something special when you see someone smile after trying something you just made. I believe food is life, love & health, I can attest to that. When I turned 25, I went into kidney failure and started dialysis, this was a life changing experience. Soon after I started learning more about healthy eating habits, benefits different nutrients can provide, how to eat a more whole food-based diet, amongst other things. These were the roots from where Kenny’s Meals would grow. A few years after I started preparing my meals, then for friends and everything after that is history. This is more than a business to us, this is an opportunity to provide healthy, affordable and delicious meals made with love, respect and passion.


As you know all stories have a happy ending (at least most). In 2021, on February 4th, I received a kidney, from my cousin Doris Fernandez. She has been always like an older sister to me, she has been taking care of me since I was a kid and yes, she gets free meals forever. Food is more than food. You are what you eat, every cell in your body is made from something you ate, so always try to nourish your body with the best foods you can get. Be happy, stay healthy and eat Kenny’s Meals

With LOVE Kenny