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Sunday Meal

Chicken Hibachi & Fried Vegetable Rice

Chicken Hibachi & Fried Vegetable Rice

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Chicken Hibachi & Fried Vegetable Rice is a healthy and delicious combination of chicken hibachi, aromatic fried rice and sriracha. Made with all-natural ingredients, this meal provides a flavorful punch of protein and delicious veggies to fuel you for the day. With 51 grams of protein per serving, it provides a balanced meal for a more nutritious lifestyle.

Ingredients:Fried Rice [Low Sodium SOY Sauce, Egg, Scallion], Chicken, JAPANESE SPICY MAYO (EGGS, SESAME), Curly Kale, Extra Virgin Olive Oil [Extra Virgin Olive Oil], Salt [100% PINK HIMALAYAN ROCK SALT]

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